The Bradys

The Bradys
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The Bradys is a six-episode American drama series that aired on CBS in 1990. It was a revival of the early 1970s sitcom, The Brady Bunch, and was about the trials and tribulations of the extended Brady family some 15 years after the end of the earlier series. It followed two earlier short-lived spin-off/continuation series: The Brady Bunch Hour and The Brady Brides.

Title The Bradys
Alternative Titles
First Air Date 1990-02-09
Last Air Date 1990-03-09
Number of Episodes 6
Number of Seasons 1
Genres Drama,
Networks CBS,
Casts Mike Lookinland, Florence Henderson, Caryn Richman, Leah Ayres, Eve Plumb, Robert Reed, Ann B. Davis, Christopher Knight, Susan Olsen, Barry Williams, Jaclyn Bernstein
Mike Lookinland
Carol Ann Tyler Martin Brady
Carol Ann Tyler Martin Brady
Florence Henderson
Caryn Richman
Leah Ayres
Eve Plumb
Robert Reed
Ann B. Davis
Peter Brady
Peter Brady
Christopher Knight
Cindy Brady
Cindy Brady
Susan Olsen
Barry Williams
Jaclyn Bernstein
Jerry Houser
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Ken Michelman
Philip Covington III
Philip Covington III
Ron Kuhlman