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Alf Tales
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ALF Tales is an animated American series that ran on the NBC television network on Saturdays from August 1988 to December 1989. The show was a spinoff from the series ALF: The Animated Series. The show had characters from that series play various characters from fairy tales. The fairy tale was usually altered for comedic effect in a manner relational to Fractured Fairy Tales. Each story typically spoofs a film genre, such as the "Cinderella" episode done as an Elvis movie. Some episodes featured a "fourth wall" effect where ALF is backstage preparing for the episode, and Rob Cowan would appear drawn as a TV executive to try to brief ALF on how to improve this episode. For instance Cowan once told ALF who was readying for a medieval themed episode that "less than 2% of our audience lives in the Dark Ages".

Title Alf Tales
Alternative Titles
First Air Date 1988-09-10
Last Air Date 1989-12-09
Number of Episodes 21
Number of Seasons 2
Genres Comedy, Animation, Family,
Networks NBC,
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